Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Revolutionary Protests

‘Protests against raised petrol prices.’

‘Strike against poor governance.’

‘Protest against Drone attacks. Go America go!’

‘Protest against KESC. Let’s burn some tires.’

All the above are common headlines these days. Reasons change but ‘protests’ and ‘strikes’ remain constant. What purpose have these protests and strikes served till now, I fail to understand. Our leaders, who usually lead these demonstrations, claim that theses protests will lead to revolution because ‘sola karor awam bahir roads pe nikle gi’ so it’s bound to have some effect. However except igniting the sparks of hatred, frustration and anger in the masses they are anything but revolutionary. All we get is news of burning tires and private property, gun shots, innocent people being killed and text messages which tell us either to get out of our houses and shout out on streets or to not get out at all.   

How long will all this continue though? How long will we keep compromising our work, education, lives and property? There has to be some way out. Don’t these leaders realize that they are actually playing with our future by forcing educational institutions to remain close? What difference will we be able to make in this country where all we see is raging emotions and tempers, where we know we can’t live without ‘cooperating’ with the political parties? We know that unless we have power enough to threaten someone’s life or destroy someone’s house or locality we can’t head anywhere. How can anyone expect the youth to be rational and calm when all they can see around them is violence and the fact that it is accepted?


  1. True that! And this is one of the main problems of our country that rage and frustration overpower our senses to such a great extent that our rationality gets lost in between...

    Nice :)