Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Banned From Holy Territory

Ok this is too much for me to take. Ban juices because they are manufactured by 'non-muslims'? How much more selfish, cruel and bigoted can we become? Did anyone of those staunch, parsa and faithful Muslims stop to think, for once, that those non-Muslims provide employment to hundreds of our Muslim brethren, something that these rational and patriotic citizens of this Land of Pure have failed to do? That hundreds of families depend on this company's profit because it pays their salaries and provide them a living? No, such things can not occur to people who travel in imported cars, drink mineral water processed by multi-national Jewish companies, send their kids to study abroad with Christians, Hindus, Jews etc. They can never understand what it's like to live on a paycheck. 

How much more can we punish a group of people simply because they are not Muslims? Didn't the Muslims in Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h)'s time co-existed peacefully with non-Muslims? Can any one please stand up and quote one incident where anyone was discriminated against because of their religion? How convinient, to justify our insecurities and hatred for someone by quoting religious values which we've invented ourselves. No wonder the world calls us cruel and unjust. Where there's discrimination in the courts, how can anyone expect justice? Our religion does not give us the right to hurt someone's feelings, to degrade somebody or try to put a full stop to anyone's living because they don't agree with our beliefs. 

But this is not altogether surprising. Didn't we do the same thing to the only Pakistani who won a Nobel Prize who went to the ceremony wearing his national dress to represent his beloved country. We didn't allow him to work here because he was an Ahmadi. Just because we are too busy excelling at murder and robbery in the name of our religion, doesn't mean we should stop others from doing anything worthwhile. It's shameful that while we claim to be Muslims, the spiteful non-Muslims adopt the values that we should be following.

Pakistan was not built to give Muslims freedom to do to minorities what was done to them in India before partition. Jinnah clearly said in one of his legendary speeches: “You may belong to any religion or caste or creed — that has nothing to do with the business of the state.” But it's irrelevant to quote him since we don't really want to live in the tolerant state he envisioned. Go ahead then, ask your peon to get you a can of coke and a bottle of imported mineral water, while you order strict action against anyone bringing in a locally-made quality non-Muslim product.

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