Sunday, 22 April 2012

Another Gem Lost

The death of Murtaza Razvi has come as a great shock to many. It has been devastating for people who even remotely knew him. Pakistan has lost another one of its precious minds. There are few people like him, who can think rationally and with clarity and are courageous enough to stand up for what they believe. Mr. Razvi was one of them and with him gone many people have started to lose what little hope they had left for a better Pakistan.

Maybe it shouldn’t be as shocking as it is. Few appreciate the presence of a sane voice in these troubled times. His ability to annoy those who revelled in the violence and injustice that is nationwide was not tolerable. He addressed issues which people only skimmed through, wrote in favour of those who suffered and that was enough to anger those who didn't want to hear the truth. What happened with him is not new; every patriotic man in Pakistan has gone through the same. Some quit, some are forced to.

There is nothing that can be said to explain the magnitude of the tragedy of losing Murtaza Razvi. Nothing can cover his loss. You will surely be missed Sir, but truth is we don’t deserve people like you. And you didn't deserve to be among people like us who settle down with brutality and violence. Fate surely realised that and by depriving us of your sanity it has taken you higher up to a better place. May you rest in peace.

(Published in Dawn newspaper's opinion section on 26th April 2012)