Tuesday, 30 August 2011


The past few days have been horrific for Karachiites. I don't remember being this scared and being a citizen of Karachi, that's saying something. Brutal murders and kidnapping cases dominated the city. It was like being in a state of war. And yet there was no action taken against the oppressors of life.Not until hundreds died and people started calling out for the army in desperation, did the government took any notice of the violence that was gripping the metropolitan city. Why the government chose to be this ignorant, I have no idea and I think no normal citizen does. Dozens of strikes were called out for by different political parties though, that apparently being the only thing they can do. But it did nothing except causing a dozen more deaths. Life in short was successfully paralysed in Karachi.

The fear of life has become part of the lives of Karachiites, so much so that they can't imagine living without it. And weird as it sounds, this fear has made us reckless. While such fearlessness has gripped the population of the city, they still don't take stand. They still answer the frequent call for strikes by sitting at home and wasting hours in front of the idiot box. They don't realise that the time is now ripe to take action and repel the violence that is being carried out in their city. Burning tyres and flags, shouting slogans on the streets??? Nah. They've become out-dated now, lost their appeal. Since we can't do anything constructive, why don't we try to get out on a strike day and try to spend our lives normally by going to school, to work and whatever it is that we do in our daily lives? Since we don't care about our 'leaders' any more, why not show it by spending our lives as normally as we can? Why not disappoint them by acting normally and against their expectations and agendas? Our lives our already in danger, innocent people die daily, without any reason. And it's very hard to come to terms with such unreasonable murders. May be if we get killed for angering them, the sensation will be gratifying and acceptable. But all this is easier said than done. People wouldn't and shouldn't endanger their lives on purpose, but those people who can go to school or work with least risk of getting killed should give it a try don't you think? May be this first step will lead to the normalisation of our beloved city.

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