Tuesday, 13 September 2011


My laziness has been stopping me from writing on many subjects on which I wanted to write badly. One of these subjects was the past significance of day before yesterday for Pakistan, for the world.

9/11/2001. A day which changed the fate of the whole world. Half of the deaths which took place after 9/11 were due to the war ensued after the unfortunate incident when innocent people were slaughtered and blood was shed like water. Indeed, the past decade has been horrible for thousands of families who lost their family members because of no reason, either they were killed or were kept under custody for a crime they never committed.

But for us, the Pakistanis, 9/11 means more than the incident which took place ten years ago and for which we are still paying the price even though they've killed the culprit. This day truly changed the fate of Pakistan 63 years ago. The death anniversary of our founder shook the nation and I think we still havent recovered from the shock of losing, not only our founder, but our motivation, our self-respect, pride and honesty and love for our country. Even before 9/11/2001, I don't remember our media paying any tribute to Jinnah, I don't remember any special memorial ceremony being conducted in schools, community centres etc. And after 9/11, there was no way we could talk about anything else but the twin towers' destruction. I mean how can we forget our white lords? Jinnah is long gone, what is he in front of the towers which converted into dust and rubble miles away. I don't want or mean to be insensitive. I do feel for people who lost their lives, I do sympathise with the families of the deceased and I appreciate their compassion and will to fight the forces which killed their beloved. But for me my country and its triumphs and its loses are more important than any other country's misfortunes. And I don't think this is wrong. Don't the Americans feel the same way? For them the lives of the Americans come first, for them the lives of other humans are not of much importance and they don't mind wiping these lives away if it stands in the way of their justice.

This day is and should be important to us but for different and more relevant reasons. Instead of replaying the video footage of twin towers repeatedly, it should be about our martyrs and the death of our founder, how he sacrificed his career, health and everything for this country and its people. This is what we should be remembering instead of following the foreign media which calls us terrorist even though we are fighting their war. May be if we try to remember the fortunes and misfortunes of our nation for once, we might be able to escape their oppression, only partially if not completely. 

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